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Mesterens artikler er en samling af synspunkter, som via mental telepati er formidlet af Benjamin Cremes mester

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Mesterens artikel juli-august 2005

" The end of darkness  

Nowhere is division and disharmony more prevalent than on Planet Earth. No other planet of our system is so immersed in competition, so ignorant of the benefits of co-operation. Nowhere else is seen the results of such folly: anxiety, illness of all kinds; wealth and poverty side by side, insecurity and war.

Why should this be so? Why should the inhabitants of this most richly fertile world quarrel so over its ownership?

To some extent the answer lies in the very richness of Earth’s resources. Earth is the most densely material of worlds and for long ages men have been in thrall to its material wealth, and have fought and competed for its control. This has brought the human kingdom (and with it the animal) to the verge of destruction. With the nuclear bomb man has brought his very existence into jeopardy.

It is this fact above all which has prompted Maitreya’s decision to return with His group to the everyday world, at least a thousand years ahead of the planned date. His aim is to coax men back from the brink, to show them how dangerous and destructive is their lust for power, their greed and competition.

A simpler way

He will outline for them a simpler way, the way of co-operation, justice and trust.

Many there are today who, in their hearts, renounce the iniquities of the present materialism which pervades the planet. They long for justice and peace and march and demonstrate for their fulfilment. More and more, the peoples of the world are beginning to recognize that together they have the power to change the actions of powerful men. Thus does Maitreya trust the people and gives voice to their demands. Thus does He join their marches and adds His voice to theirs.


Amid the general avarice there is, too, an awakening of conscience among politicians and others in several countries. The debts of the poorest nations are being cancelled and a new approach to the grinding poverty of so many is taking place. The fruits of twenty years of labour are beginning to ripen. Maitreya’s beneficent energies are working their magic and a new spirit is gaining strength.

Thus the attitudes and habits of countless ages are beginning to crumble before the tide of new and unstoppable energies wielded by Maitreya and His group. Men need have no fear; the meek, indeed, the poor, the powerless, the toilers everywhere, shall inherit the Earth. Men will learn the beauty of co-operation and service and one by one the bastions of power will fall. The empires of power and wealth will disappear as the new urge for sharing and oneness grips the minds of men. Thus will it be and thus will man regain his sanity and start the climb again.

[This article from Share International magazine, July/August 2005, is by a senior member of the Hierarchy of Masters of Wisdom. His name, well-known in esoteric circles, is not yet being revealed. Benjamin Creme, a principal spokesman about the emergence of Maitreya, is in constant telepathic contact with this Master who dictated his article to him.) "



Uddrag af ovenstående: "Menneskeheden (og med den dyrene) er bragt på kanten til udslettelse. Med kernevåbene har menneskeheden bragt selve sin eksistens i fare. Dette har alt sammen ført til Kristus (Maitreya’s) beslutning om at vende tilbage med Hans gruppe til vores almndelige hverdagsliv mindst et tusinde år før det var planlagt . Hans mål er at lede menneskeheden tilbage fra afgrundens rand , at vise dem hvor farlig og destruktiv deres lyst efter magt, deres grådighed og deres konkurreren med hinanden er. Mennesket behøver dog ikke frygte, de sagtmodige, de fattige, de magtesløse, det arbejdende folk overalt, skal arve jorden. Menneskeheden vil lære skønheden ved samarbejde og uselvisk tjeneste og en efter en vil magtens bastioner falde."





"Special statement on recent events, November 2015


by the Master —, through Benjamin Creme, 14 November 2015


Painful as it has been for the people of France the recent tragic event in Paris has opened the way for Maitreya to act sooner than would otherwise have been the case. Tragic as it is for so many it has released His Hands. Remember this and be ready for His manifestation.




Benjamin Creme answers questions about recent events in Paris



Q. Would you say that the terrible event in Paris has held up or quickened the open ap- pearance of Maitreya?


A. Hard as it may seem for those involved in the tragedy it has opened doors for Maitreya which otherwise would have remained closed for longer.


Q. What factor in the Paris attacks has “opened doors for Maitreya”?


A. The invocative cry from humanity in response to the many problems in the world is one factor; another factor is that enough people around the world are responding to the event in Paris by choosing love, unity and tolerance. The enormity of this tragedy has brought many people together in a way which was not obvious before. It has shown that humanity is nearer to the idea of unity than we might think and this has coloured their reaction. They have shown that they are ready for change of the right kind.


Q. Could the Paris events have been prevented by the Masters?


A. Many in the groups that work with me, and probably people everywhere, may think that Maitreya should not have let this happen. Maitreya knows the Law, of course. He knows how much He can interfere, or otherwise, with our freewill.




We would also like to remind readers of an article from Benjamin Creme’s Master which is as relevant today as when it was first published. Readers may be interested to note that, with reference to the 11 September 2001 attacks in New York, the American government of the time was advised by the Spiritual Hierarchy to avoid a vengeful retaliatory response to those events. Recent events make clear that the advice still applies. Peace and justice for all must be the goal; sharing the resources of the world is the only way to achieve it. Judging from the heartfelt desire for peace expressed by ordinary people everywhere, it would appear that enough are responding as Maitreya has always said He knows we will: "My heart tells me your answer and is glad."


"A period of crisis has descended on the world, one that will bring many nations together in a new way. Mutual fear of terrorism has accomplished what otherwise would have taken years of patient effort to achieve. Even more strikingly, the reasons for terrorism - the hurt, the resentment, the baffled despair of millions in the East - are beginning to dawn on many Americans, enabling them to take a broader view of recent events, and call for caution in response. Above all, a new spirit of co-operation makes itself felt, a new sense of responsibility is dawning in the minds of many, East and West. Thus this terrible attack, which killed and maimed so many at a stroke, has kindled the fires of change sorely needed in this world, and forced the hands which held it back. Out of this brutal crime may come, therefore, a greater understanding of the needs of men and women everywhere for justice and freedom and the rule of law."

Read full article by the Master 'Turn the tide of hate'  "



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Meget gode billeder :)


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Hej. Findes der nogle grupper/mennesker her i Danmark som beskæftiger sig med Maitreya og missionen?? Rigtig god hjemmeside!! :)

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Er der nogle åbne foreninger eller grupper her i Danmark hvor man kan snakke sammen om Maitreya?

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En meget fin hjemmeside med mange gode informationer.

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